Spartan FV103 Armoured vehicles WAS SOLD

WAS SOLD Spartan FV103  Armoured vehicles WAS SOLDArmoured Vehicles Spartan FV103 is a derivative of the CVR(T) vehicle (Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance tracked).
The Spartan is fully amphibious and is operated by a crew of three.
More importantly, the Spartan needs only a crew of two and the armored personnel
variant can provide transportation for up to five combat-equipped soldiers.
The system has seen action as recently as the Bosnian Conflict.

The Armoured Vehicles Spartan FV103 is the armoured personnel carrier variant of the series.
The drivers position, engine and transmission layout is similar to the basic Scorpion.
The crew consists of three with a troop compartment in the rear for another four.
The vehicle has provision for a vehicle commander in a cupola similar to the Striker.
The troops in the rear have a two part hatch in the roof and a rear hatch.
There are no firing ports in the rear compartment.

We have in stock 5 spartans and their condition is excellent, wheels and tracks are very good some like new, clean interior and good paint on the exterior.

The specification of the Spartan FV103 Armoured Vehicles

Designation: Alvis FV103 Spartan
Contractor: Alvis (BAe Systems Land Systems), Telford, UK
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Type: Armored Personnel Carrier
Production Period 1978 - circa 1995
Crew: 7 ( driver, Commander/gunner, section leader, 4 troops)
Production Totals*:

*Sometimes an estimate when actual production numbers
are not available. A value of 0 indicative of NA.


Type APC Crew 3 + 4
Length**, overall 5.1m
Length, hull 5.1m
Width, overall 2.2m
Height, overall 2.3m
Combat Weight 8172kg
Weight: 9.0 tons (US Short) | 8,172 kilograms
Unloaded Weight n/a

**If a tank, overall length is with gun forwards whenever possible.

SUPPORT SYSTEMS Armoured Vehicles:
NBC System: Yes
Night Vision: Yes - Passive Nightvision Only
Communication, crew n/a
Radio, external n/a

MOBILITY CHARACTERISTICS Spartan FV103 Armoured Vehicles

Engine diesel
Transmission TN15 crossdrive, semi-automatic (7 forward, 7 reverse)
Horsepower 190hp at 4750rpm
Suspension torsion bar
Power/Weight Ratio 23.3hp/t
Track Width 43.2cm
Maximum Speed: 50 miles per hour | 80.5 kilometers per hour
Maximum Range***: 300 miles | 483 kilometers
(1) Maximum speed 7km/h on water.
(2) Amphibious with preparation.
Track Ground Contact n/a
Fuel Capacity 386 l
Ground Pressure 0.34kg/cm2
Gradient 60%
Fuel Consumption n/a
Vertical Obstacle 0.5m
Turning Radius 1.8m
Trench Crossing 2.1m
Ground Clearance 0.36m
Fording 1.1m (2)

***Values indicative of vehicles road range (for self-propelled vehicles) OR maximum effective firing range (for stationary towed-artillery systems).

SURVIVABILITY FEATURES Spartan FV103 Armoured Vehicles
Smoke Laying 2 x 4 smoke grenade dischargers
Armor Details All-welded aluminium armor providing protection against 14.5mm projectiles over the
frontal arc and protection against 7.62mm armor-piercing projectiles over the remainder of the vehicle.

ARMAMENT Armoured Vehicles:
1 x 7.62mm machine gun
2 x 4 smoke grenade dischargers
Gun Traverse n/a
Elevation/Depression n/a
Traverse Rate n/a
Elevation Rate manual
Gun Stabilization n/a
Rangefinder n/a
Night Vision yes
Auto-Loader no
Secondary Armament small arms

3,000 x 7.62mm ammunition

Radio, external n/a
Communication, crew n/a

History Spartan FV103
Major Series Variants (Not for sale):

- FV101 Scorpion - Base Reconnaissance Model with 90mm main gun.
- FV101 Scorpion 90 - Updated FV101 base Scorpion model.
- FV102 Striker - Anti-Tank Vehicle featuring 5 x Swingfire anti-tank missiles.
- FV104 Samaritan - Battlefield Ambulance
- FV105 Sultan - Battlefield Command Vehicle
- FV106 Samson - Battlefield Recovery Vehicle
- FV107 Scimitar - Reconnaissance Vehicle featuring a 30mm gun.
- Streaker - High Mobility Carrier
- Sabre - Reconnaissance Vehicle featuring a 30mm powered turret.
- FV4333 Stormer - Armored Personnel Carrier based on Scorpion chassis.
Belgium, Jordan, Oman and the United Kingdom.

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