Karcher TFK 250 army mobile field kitchen trailer for sale

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Manufactured by: Karcher
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Description | specification

Karcher TFK 250 army mobile field kitchen trailer.
Using the TFK 250 two cooks can provide meals for 250 personnel or a single-course meal for 500 personnel in 2 hours.In an emergency it is possible to supply at least 1000 people with simple dishes in the same time.
An emergency furnace enables solid fuels, i.e. wood, coal, peat, kerosene or diesel fuel etc., to be burnt.
Also we have new burners in stock for these kitchen trailers that use gas

This tactical field kitchen is a mobile catering unit mounted on a single-axle 3,500 kg trailer. It uses stainless steel (chrome-nickel 18/10) for the cooking appliances as well as other high-quality materials.

The trailer is fitted with the following equipment:
two 150 litre double-walled GASTRONOM pressure cookers;
two 55 litre GASTRONOM pressure-fryers;
two integrated 78 litre GASTRONOM baking areas in which two working levels are heated by oil burners;
two 28 litre hot water and tea makers, and a four-unit pressure vaporisation burner that can use diesel oil, light fuel, petrol or kerosene.
The design permits the left and right boiling pans, frying and baking areas to be exchanged.
All assemblies can be removed for repair in the field without the need for specialist tools.

The trailer features swinging arm torsion bar suspension and is rated for cross-country movement with full boiling and frying pans.
Four support legs are provided and a swing-up four-part 17 m2 weatherproof roof offers protection to the kitchen, food and cooks.

A two-part all-round tent is available for operations in difficult climatic conditions.
The fully equipped TFK 250 is capable of being transported by internally or externally as an underslung load by CH-47 and CH-53 helicopters, or internally by C-130 Hercules and C-160 Transall transport aircraft.

All units are in excellent condition and direct ex Mod stock.

Dimensions and weight of the Karcher TFK 250 army mobile field kitchen trailer
Kerb weight approx. 2,050 kg 4,250 lb
Payload approx. 450 kg 992 lb
Permissible gross weight 2,500 kg 5,512 lb
Permissible towbar load 50 - 125 kg 110 - 275.6 lb
Overall length 4,170 mm 164.2 in.
Overall width 2,160 mm 85.0 in.
Overall height approx. 2,620 mm 103.0 in.
Height of work surface, empty 960 mm 37.8 in.
Height of work surface, loaded 950 mm 37.4 in.
Length of work surface 1,900 mm 74.8 in.
Width of work surface,
without tables 2,100 mm 82.7 in.
Ground clearance 320 mm 12.6 in.
Overhang angle, front approx. 22degree
Overhang angle, rear approx. 20degree
Track 1,920 mm 75.6 in.

Chassis with frame of the Karcher TFK 250 army mobile field kitchen trailer
3.5 t torsion bar axle
Overrunning brake with automatic back-up lock
Towbar height, adjustable 550 - 1,050 mm 22 - 41.3 in.
Retractable support wheel
Handbrake with breakaway cable
Asbestos-free brake linings 2
Tyres, 7.50-R 15 16 PR 2
Disc wheels, 6.5-15 Super 4
Disc-type support with coarse
and fine adjustments, 200 mm dia. 4
Stowage compartment, approx. 50 l 4
Fire extinguisher box
(fire extinguisher max. 12 kg) 1
NATO towbar eye, standard fitment 1
Paint finish on request

Give your soldiers the best available: Kärcher’s TFK 250.

The tactical field kitchen for the coming decades was developed together with the German army
over a period of more than 5 years.
The Kärcher TFK 250 came out of the extremely tough
evaluation trials. Never before were such strict standards set
for a mobile kitchen. And never before were the stringent specifications
for kitchen technology, vehicle technology, logistics,
ease of maintenance and environmental protection so perfectly converted into practice.

Why are the world’s military cooks so enthusiastic about Kärcher’s new diesel burner?
Diesel burners are undoubtedly the safest for field kitchens.
The heart of every field kitchen burns completely odourless and without taste. The burner
can be fuelled by diesel, heating oil, kerosene or paraffin and produces a 140 C (2550 F) flame.
The independent burner is made completely of corrosion-proof materials and can also be used as a separate unit outside the field kitchen.
Each TFK 250 is equipped with 4 independent burner compartments
with 4 self-sufficient burners.
An easy-to-use single knob control enables burner output to be infinitely varied between
8 and 18 kW (net).

- The burner can operate for up to 8 hours without a refill. The air pressure required for independent operation can be produced by a foot or hand pump or the tractor vehicles tyre inflation system.
- An emergency furnace enables solid fuels, i.e. wood, coal, peat etc., to be burnt.
Efficient gas burners are also available as options.

The burner has a fuel tank with a capacity of 4.8 litres (5 US qts) and is connected via the safety
unit to a 6.9-litre (0.24 cu.ft) air tank. The pressure reducing valve integrated in the safety unit is set to 5 bar (72.5 psi).
This means the burner output remains constant regardless of the pressure in the air tank.
After a preheat phase lasting about 2.5 min., i.e. the pressure
in the air tank drops about 2.5 bar (36 psi), and a transition phase lasting approx. 1 minute, the burners output can be infinitely varied between a minimum
of 8 kW and a maximum of 18 kW. The C02 content in the flue
gas reaches a maximum of 10 % very quickly. The flue gas temperature
remains steady at about 150C (300F). In practice,
the tank is filled once daily with fuel and is then ready for breakfast, lunch and the evening meal (24 hour operation for 250 soldiers). The specially designed fuel tank filler funnel helps avoid overfilling and fuel spillage.
Why are chiefs, nutritional experts and logistics commanders so proud of the new TFK 250?
Chief cooking instructors in the Bundeswehr made the following comparison:
The new Bundeswehr Kärcher TFK 250 is as good in its own right as the
Leopard 11 is among the worlds combat tanks.
Decisive benefits:
- All boiling, frying and baking pans are designed in accordance with the GASTRONORM container system to DIN 66075.
The most modern techniques can be used, i.e. from biological cooking to pressure roasting.
Compact construction means optimum mobility for front-line and support troops: For transport in difficult terrain, by road,
rail or ship, as a suspended load on the Chinook helicopter and as an external load for the front-line units of the RAF
on the Harrier VSTOL aircraft.
- Pressure boiling pan, pressure fryer, hot-water boiler, oven and all lids are made of
drawn stainless steel (18 % Cr, 10% Ni) with smooth-contoured
corners (small drawing radii) to make them very easy to clean.
- The pressure boiling pan, frying/baking centres and teamaker are independent systems
which can be removed from the kitchen block as complete
assemblies with the tools provided.

- Double-walled pressure boiling pan
The two 150 litre (40 US gal), double-walled GASTRONORM pressure boiling pans permit
biological cooking (vitamins, nutrients and minerals are not
overcooked) at up to 0.4 bar (5.8 psi) for maximum nutritional
effect. Fuel savings of 70% are possible because cooking
times are up to 70 % shorter (irrespective of altitude).

- The evacuated jacket is filled with only a small amount of
water and guarantees that food does not burn or stick during fast and uniform heating. The easily used evacuating valve prevents the boiling pan being destroyed by operating errors.
- As cooking times are fast (e.g. rice in 30-40 minutes, vegetables
in 10-25 minutes, potatoes in 25-30 minutes), there is no need for the inconvenience of cooking while on the move.

- The food can be left in the double-walled pans for a rapid
change in location. Their special construction means that temperature drops at a rate of only 1 C (1.8 F)
per hour (bacteria cannot survive) and is still more than 80 C (176 F) after 20 hours.

- The pressure cooking system (biological cooking) uses the principle of evaporating a small quantity of water in a sealed pan. The steam valve remains open until only steam emerges from the valve.
There are then only very small amounts of oxygen in the boiling pan which could enter into a harmful combination with the food being cooked. Apart from the nutritional benefits, colour and taste are
fully preserved.
- The low-pressure range up to max. 0.4 bar (5.8 psi) and approx. 110 C (230F) was selected after thorough analysis of research work carried out all over the world. The temperature range required for pressure cooking at pressures higher than 0.7 bar (10.15 psi) is more likely to have a negative effect on various types of vegetables.
The pressure boiling pans have a 1 degree slope towards the drain cock. The 150 litre (40 US
gal) pans feature a drain channel and a newly developed, 40 mm I. D. drain cock for rapid emptying.
- The use of perforated GASTRONORM
cooking inserts ensures fast distribution while retaining vitamins. Food is taken from the pressure boiling pan and put directly into the new Thermoports, insulated food containers,
for quick transportation to the troops.

Do you know the rapidity of the tactical field kitchen?
Two cooks can prepare a cornplete meal for 250 soldiers in only two hours. In an emergency it is possible to supply at least 500 people with simple dishes in the same time.
The pressure cooking, frying and
baking capacity is more
than 600 litres
(approx. 160 US gal):
2 Pressure
boiling pans each 150 L = 300 L
2 Pressure
frying pans each 53 L = 106 L
2 Ovens each 78 L = 156 L
2 Teamakers each 128 L = 56 L

Kärcher Tactical Field Kitchen construction

The TFK 250 consists of a self-supporting, torsional rigid
tubular steel frame for heavyduty military off-road applications.
All body panels are bolted and, therefore, simple to
replace. The entire kitchen is of modular construction with easily
replaceable assemblies, i.e. pressure boiling pan, pressure
frying pan, oven and hot-water boiler

Disc-type supports/jacks
The four lateral stowage compartments accommodate cranked
supports with balljointed base plates for quickly levelling the
kitchen on site. A precision box level helps ensure that the kitchen
is exactly horizontal. The disc-type supports serve as integrated jacks for tyre changes.
Each support is rated for a maximum
load of 2000 kg. There are three settings and rack-and-pinion
crank mechanisms for rapid and accurate positioning of the
kitchen. Insulating materials
All the insulating materials used are free from asbestos (aluminium
silicate). All insulated spaces are hermetically sealed from
each other. The jacketed flue, all other working surfaces and kitchen
equipment are thermally insulated.

Sturdy, dustproof burner doors matched to the sledge
shape of the kitchen mean that it is possible to travel over
rocky ground. The floors of the burner compartments are specially protected by sandwich
The fully enclosed floor panel enables the kitchen to travel through soft, deep snow,
marshy ground and sand.
The kitchens sledge shape means that it glides over soft

Towbar and towing coupling
Towbar height is infinitely variable between 550 mm and 1050 mm (22 and 41 in) (dual Hirth gearing, can be hitched to all standard and military tractors suitable for trailer load of more than 2.5 t). Towing coupling can be changed easily from
NATO towbar eye to DIN towbar eye for civil trucks.
Support wheel
Swivelling support wheel for easy manoeuvrability. Crank also swivels.

Box level
The box level mounted to the towbar enables the boiling and frying pans to be accurately
levelled for uniform distribution of cooking fat in the pans.

Brake system
Automatic overrunning brake and automatic back-up lock. Simplex expanding lever drum brakes are installed (300 mm/
12 in dia. with asbestos-free linings). The breakaway brake is applied automatically in the
event of the field kitchen becoming accidentally detached from the tractor.

Electrical equipment
The electrical equipment conforms to the German road traffic
act. Power supply is via the tractor. It is standardized for
NATO 24 V supply. The kitchen may also be connected to a civil vehicle with 12 V power supply. Apart from the heavyduty
military three-compartment lamps, a licence plate lamp, side and rear reflectors
and clearance lamps are also included.

There is a 12 pin plug for the NATO 24 V power supply and a
7 pin plug for 12 V civil vehicles, with 3 m connecting cable. Integrated weather protection
The TFK 250 has been optimized for instant readiness (Air Land Battle 2000). The integrated, semi-automatic weather protection enables the kitchen to be made ready for operation within a few minutes.
The swing-up weatherproof roof offers protection against the sun,
wind, rain, snow and storms. It has a total area of 17 m2 (183 sq. ft) and protects the kitchen, food and the cooks.
The button-in, cotton fatabsorbing fleece can be washed in the boiling pan. It absorbs rising vapour and fat and thus prevents condensed impurities dripping onto the operating personnel or the food (hygiene requirement of German army).

Total weather protection/kitchen
Tent Only the integrated weather roof is opened up under normal field conditions. A two-part allround tent is available for operation in difficult climatic conditions
(snowfall, storm etc.). Cooks often set up the kitchen next to the tractor and attach part of the allround tent to it so that they can work undisturbed. The allround tent can be completely
sealed in very severe conditions.

Transport by rail/air
The TFK 250 is suitable for transportation by rail and remains fully operational during the journey. The field kitchen
has been successfully tested as an external load on the RAFs Harrier VSTOL aircraft,
the US navys Chinook and the German armys CH 53 helicopters. Its suitability as a
stowed load was proven in the Transall and Hercules transports as well as the Chinook and
CH 53 helicopters. The fully equipped field kitchen was dropped by parachute. It completely satisfied all service requirements
and supplied troops in the farest flung corners of the earth with good warm meals.

Released from service by the British MOD (Ministry of Defence)
Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture:
The price: P.O.A.
Export Requirements: OGEL Stock (Open General Export Licence) View Details

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