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Location: The Rocket site, Doncaster, The UK
Manufactured by: Perkins
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Mileage Hrs/Kms: from 100 hrs
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Description | specification

Perkins 4-108 Diesel engine
This 51 horsepower 4-cylinder diesel gives you reliable, durable and safe performance with compact size and low weight. A rotary distributor-type fuel-injection system provides even fuel feed for smooth performance.

Ideal for marine, generator or industrial applications
All boxed direct from MOD (Weight 485kg).

An automatic advance and retard mechanism ensures fast starts and quick acceleration throughout the speed range. And the Perkins "H" pre-combustion system means clean burning, top fuel economy.

Perkins 4108 diesels are designed for smooth, vibration free running and are also designed for dependability with features like a closed freshwater cooling system to minimize corrosion.

All of the clients who buy these for at the moment for fitting into small boats!

The 4.108 is an auxiliary engine that provides plenty of clean, economical power when you need it and it doesn't get in your way when you don't.

  • All boxed direct from MOD.
  • Used as Challenger GPU (Auxilliary Power Units)
  • Complete with all electrics
  • Can be used as generator or industrial applications
  • Ideal for boats and small vessels

All boxed direct from the British MOD, these engines will have done verylow hours,
they have been used as an auxiliary engine which means they are only run for starting the main engine on a battle tank.

Complete with all electrics
Superb condition.
Fully complete and ready to works

CAUTION These Perkins engine require a full export licence as these are removed from tanks


Type: In-line 4-cylinder diesel, 4 cycle.
Maximum Horsepower: 51 @ 4000 RPM
Displacement: 107.4 cu in.
Bore and Stroke: 3.125 x 3.5 in.
Compression Ratio: 22:1
Governing: Hydraulic
Cooling: Heat Exchanger
Electrical: 24 volt
Power Take Off: Up to 20 lb. ft. max.
Installation Angle: Max static angle 17' allowing further 3' underway.
Net Dry Weight-Less Gear: 464 lb.
Installation Angle: 0' to 17'
Combustion System: Indirect Injection
Firing Order: 1 3 4 2
Fuel Pump: Rotary

Approved Fuel Oil Specification
United Kingdom 8S.2869:1967 Class A1 or A2
United States VV-F-800a Grades OF-A, or DF-2.
AS.T.M.lD975-66T Nos. 1-0 or 2-D.
France (J.O. 14/9/57) Gas Oil or Fuel Domestique
India IS: 1460/1968 Grade Special or Grade A
Germany DIN-51601 (1967)
Italy CUNA-Gas Oil NC-630-01 (1957)
Sweden SIS. 155432 (1969)
Switzerland Federal Military Spec.
9140-335-1404 (1965)

Fuel Lift Pump
Type AC Delco Diaphragm 'Y J' Series
Spring Colour Code Green
Method of Drive From Eccentric on Camshaft via Push rod
Total Stroke of Operating Lever 0.192 in (4,877 mm)
Static Pressure-No Delivery 4-7 Ibflin2 (0,28-0,49 kgflcm2) - 28-48 kN/m2
Pump to Distance Piece Gasket Thickness ... 0.018/0.022 in (0,457/0,559 mm)
Distance Piece-Lift Pump to Tappet Inspection Cover 0.256 in (6,502 mm)

Final Fuel Filter
Element Type Paper
Overflow Valve Type Gravity 8all Check Valve
Valve in Fuel Pump Drain Connection Spring Loaded Non-Return Valve set at 0.71-1.25
Ibflin2 (0,0522-0,0875 kgflcm2) - 5-9 kN/m2

Fuel Injection Pump
Make CAV.
Type D.P.A.
Rotation Clockwise (Viewed from Drive End)
Plunger Dia. 6 mm

Recommended Torque Tensions
The following torque figures will apply with the components lightly oiled before assembly:

Cylinder Head Nuts 60 Ibf ft 8,3 kgf m 81 Nm
Connecting Rod Setscrews 42 Ibf ft 5,81 kgf m 57 Nm
* Main Bearing Setscrews 85 Ibf ft 11,5 kgf m 115 Nm
Flywheel Setscrews 60 Ibf ft 8,3 kgf m 81 Nm
Idler Gear Hub Setscrews 3 Ibf ft 6 4,98 kgf m 49 Nm
Crankshaft Pulley Setscrew-1.56 in (39,6 mm) long 1150 Ibf ft 20,7 kgf m 203 Nm
with 1.875 in (47,6 mm) dia. washer
Crankshaft Pulley Setscrew -1.68 in (42,7 mm) long 190 Ibf ft 26,3 kgf m 250 Nm
with 1.75 in (44,6 mm) dia. washer (Cadmium Plated)
Crankshaft Pulley Setscrew (Phosphated) 230 31,5 kgf m 310 Nm

Atomiser Securing Nuts ., . 12 Ibf ft 1,7 kgf m 16 Nm
High Pressure Fuel Pipe Nuts 15 Ibf ft 2,1 kgf m 20 Nm
Dynamo Pulley Retaining Nut 20 Ibf ft 2,8 kgf m 27 Nm
Alternator Pulley Retaining Nut 30 Ibf ft 4,1 kgf m 41 Nm
Thermostart Unit 10 Ibf ft 1,38 kgf m 13 Nm
Thermostart Insulating Adaptor 10 Ibf ft 1,38 kgf m 13+++ Nm

Electrical system

Starting Aid
Make CAV.
Type Thermostart
Voltage 12 Volt
Maximum Current Consumption 12.9 Amperes at 11.5 Volts
Fuel Flow Rate through Unit 4.3-4.9 cm3 min at 70"F (21'C)
Height of Reservoir (where fitted) above Centre of Thermostart 4.5-10 in (11,4-25,4 cm)

Make Lucas
Type C40
Max. Output 11A

The perkins engine does not have alternator***

Starter Motor
Make Lucas
Type MG45 or 2M113
Max. Current 900A
Starter Cable Resistance 0.0017 ohms (Max.)
No. of Teeth on Pinion 10

The dimensions 1.25m X 0.75m X 1.10m
Weight 235Kg

Army BOX
Transport dimensions. 1.25m x 90m x 1.3m
Transport Weight 485kg

Perkins engines are very reliable and is quite easy to get spares for them!!!!

Released from service by the British MOD (Ministry of Defence)
Mileage Hrs/Kms: from 100 hrs
Year of Manufacture:
The price: P.O.A.
Export Requirements: SIEL Stock (Standard Individual Export Licence) View Details

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