Simon Gloster Protector 6x6 Airport Crash Tender WAS SOLD

WAS SOLD Simon Gloster Protector 6x6 Airport Crash Tender WAS SOLDStraight from UK Airport where the Simon Gloster Protector 6x6 Airport Crash Tender was the backup unit
This machine has been maintained money no object, paperwork to prove.
Six good tyres 75%+ tread remaining
Two Spare wheels with new tyres available

The PROTECTOR P6/S8S/AP is a medium duty firefighting vehicle designed specifically for use against fires involving aircraft. It carries a crew of five (including the driver) and quick-action fire fighting and rescue equipment.
The truck is built on a Simon Gloster Saro 6 X 6 chassis with forward control, centre driving position and a rear mounted V8 diesel engine. The high engine power offers excellent acceleration, high speed, high standards of cross country performance, reliability and ease of operation. Towing eyes are fitted, two at the front and two at the rear of the chassis.
The engine is located at the rear of the chassis and provides tractive power, ancillary drives for hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical services and, via a power divider and a power take off (PTO),
drive for the fire pump. The torque converter and transmission gearbox are mounted centrally on the chassis, close coupled to a transfer gearbox.
The main transmission is fully automatic with five forward gears and one reverse. For maximum tractive effort off-road the differential gears of the transfer gearbox, individual axles and the rear inter-axle drive are locked.


Tank Capacities
Water Tank 10000 Itr (2200
Foam Liquid Tank 1200 Itr (265
Fire Pump
Type Godiva GMA 5300, Two stage, centrifugal.
Output Ratings (not simultaneous)
Low 5650 Itr/min (1243 GPM) at 15 bar and 3550 pump RPM
High 300 Itr/min (66 GPM) at 40 bar and 3550 pump RPM

Output (100%)(50%)
4500 I/min (990 GPM)
2250 I/min (495 GPM)
Operating Pressure 14 bar (202 lbf/in")
Range (100%)(50%)
70m (230 ft) minimum
50m (164 ft) minimum

Elevation +45
Depression Within 9m (30 ft) of front of vehicle
Rotation 1150 minimum about centre line of vehicle

Foam Sidelines
Flow Rate 450 Itr/min (123 gpm)
Pressure 7 bar (101 lbf/in")
Range (stream) 20m -25m (65-82 ft) approx.
Expansion Ratio 8: 1
25 % Drain Time 6 minutes

Undertruck Nozzles
Flow Rate 400 Itr/min (88 GPM) at 14 bar

Bumper Turret
Output 1150 Itr/min (253 GPM)
Operating Pressure 14 bar (2021 lbt/in")
Range 35m (115 ft) far point
(straight stream)
Elevation +45
Depression -20
Rotation 90 minimum about centre line of vehicle

Simon Gloster Protector 6x6 Airport Crash Tender SPECIFICATIONS

Engine Detroit Diesel 8V-92 TA 585HP
Gearbox Allinson Automatic
Acceleration 0-80 KPH within 35 secs
Top Speed 120 KPH
Laden Weight 29860 kgs
Length incl Monitor 10400 mm
Width incl Mirrors 2850 mm
Height troof Monitor 3620 mm
Underaxle Clearance:
Front 350 mm
Rear 350 mm
Turning Circle
(wall to wall) 29 m
Tilt Angle 30 degrees
Braking 32 - OKPH within - 10.7 m
64 - OKPH within - 40 m
Requirements under C.A.P 168 1990 Chapter 8
Capacities Water tank 10,000 Itr (2,200 l.G)
Foam tank 1,200 Itr
Monnex 100 kg
Vehicle Data 6 x 6 Chassis
585 BHP at 2,300 RPM
Rockford Powertrain Power Devider and P.T.O
Detroit Diesel 8V - 92 TA Turbocharged After Cooled

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