NEW Wood Chipper DL-150A
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Wood Chipper   DL-150A for sale

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Category: Wood Chipper
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture: 2022
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NEW Wood Chipper DL-150A
1. Big cut diameter;
2. Oversize heavy duty rotor;
3. Reversible chipping blades.

We can manufacture 6"/8"wood chipper shredder (crusher) with CE certificate and self powered wood chipper (wood shredder) 35HP.

Our 3 Point Hitch wood chipper have some advantages over similar products. Perfect painting and finishing in details. New style model with longer safety kit is available, also it have a 360 degree outlet which can adjust its outlet freely. We also have an improvement near the blade, which can avoid the wood to the side of the blade, so as to lengthen the operation cycle of the blades. With CE Certificate.
Tractor Mounted Wood chipper, complete automatic hydraulic feeding roller, 3 Bladed, 8"/6" Diameter Capacity, Powered by 18 HP-45HP tractor.

1. Perfect for those clean-ups after a storm, pruning or just processing general gardening wastes;
2. Creating mulch for garden plants and trees for conserving water.

Features of the Wood Chipper:
1. At the heart of the BX Chipper is an oversize heavy duty rotor and reversible chipping blades;
2. The self-feed hopper is designed to angle the brush against the rotor and blades, pulling the branches into the chipper;
3. Easily control where you want the chips with the double adjustable Exit Chute.
The chute swivels 360 degrees and the top deflector adjusts the distance.

When Operating A Wood Chipper:

1. Keep hands and feet clear of the in-feed hopper;
2. Move away once the feed mechanism has grabbed the material;
3. Keep the surrounding area free of tripping hazards;
4. If unusual noise is detected the machine should be shutdown;
5. Atleast two workers should be in close contact with each other when the machine is being operated.

The specification of the Wood Chipper DL-150A

Model Wood Chipper DL-150A
Assembly size 2.52*1.33*2.55m
Package size 1.14*1.1*1.14m
Net weight 580kg
Gross weight 640kg
Max cut diameter 175mm
Working efficiency 15m3/h
Enter speed 540rpm
PTO 6*6 105cm
Tractor 35hp

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Wood Chipper   DL-150A  for sale Wood Chipper   DL-150A  for sale Wood Chipper   DL-150A for sale

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